Our fantastic facilities

At Highfields Gardens Early Education Centre we believe in the benefits of child-driven, social, outdoor play. For this reason we have planned our childcare centre so that children can interact, experiment and exercise in a world which for many children has become a rarity.

As educators and carers we aim to create an environment where children can refine their motor skills like running, jumping and leaping in a safe and controlled space. Aside from the physical benefits of outdoor play, it also helps social and emotional development as children invent games in an area where they feel safe and in control. This promotes autonomy and decision making, a key outcome of early childhood learning. 

Our outdoor areas have large shaded areas so that children have the greatest room to play. We also have a figure of eight bike track for the older children to practice their riding skills.

Our 'Gardens' include a vege patch for children to plant and grow their own food, which we fertilise with chicken manure from our chicken coop.


The play areas include a dry creek bed, sand pits, forts, natural grass, challenging areas and other areas for children to have their own privacy.

Our 'Henny Penny' chicken hatching program started soon after we opened. The children watched the eggs move and listened to the chicks chirping before they broke through their shells. You can just imagine the excitement! These programs are instrumental in learning about the outdoors and the importance of caring for animals. 

Our Classrooms

Our state of the art childcare centre has 10 rooms across two buildings. We cater for nursery through to senior kindy (3yrs) in our Junior building and Kindergarten, Independent Kindergarten and school age (to 12 year) in our Senior building.

All rooms are larger than the minimum requirements and provide a fantastic environment for the children to have fun but feel safe. They are filled with natural light and include the best resources money can buy as well as the arts and crafts designed by our very clever children. 

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning”

Mr Rogers

A brief tour of our Toddler room