About Us

The owners of Highfields Gardens and it's sister centre in Toowoomba, Toowoomba Gardens Early Learning Centre, genuinely believe in providing exceptional care and education for children, a valuable service for families, and a stable and rewarding work environment for staff.

Being privately owned and operated means that the centre is not run by a management company, nor a large corporate such as G8 and Affinity. It also means that the centre manager is solely focused on providing the best service to families. They are not burdened with paper work and bureaucracy in dealing with the many day to day tasks of running a busy childcare centre.

The centre also benefits from having the owner intimately involved, including making sure the management and staff have everything they need to do their job and that the centre's children and families are happy.

Families are also treated with great respect and appreciation. Many practices that are common in child care are specifically avoided such as enrolment fees, charging full price for public holidays and requiring two weeks notice to change bookings. Also, families can swap days wherever possible if their child is sick or can't make it for a particular reason.


Our centre comprises 10 rooms across two buildings with more than 2,000m2 of outdoor natural play areas.

As you can tell from our Virtual Tour, all of our rooms are full of amazing resources. No expense has been spared in setting up our centre, and we are constantly investing in new resources to maintain a high standard. 

All our furniture, and a majority of our educational resources are also natural wood products to support our sustainability focus that are also hypoallergenic and safe. 

Sustainability focus

With our very own veggie garden, two chicken coops, large natural play areas and a huge 30kW solar system, Highfields Gardens prides itself on being a sustainable member of the community. 

More than just the facilities, though, sustainability is embedded in every day activities. Our educators are constantly incorporating sustainable practices into learning activities, such as feeding our chickens with left over food scraps from our kitchen. Families are also encouraged to support sustainability by bringing in items no longer being used at home that the children can use for arts and crafts.