The Benefits of Music

Cheryl Joyce of Music Matters visits our centre every Wednesday to provide a music lesson for every group except nursery. The lessons are included as part of the daily fee as believe all children should receive the amazing benefits of being exposed to music from an early age.

Why Does Music Education Matter? Children aged between 0 and 5 years old experience the greatest impact from training in musical concepts than any other time of their lives. Musical intelligence is the first to appear in a baby, even before linguistic intelligence, but it needs encouragement.Structured music classes help children express their feelings, have increased confidence, and the path to emotional, social and spiritual potential is prepared as well as offering children enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure.

Many studies have been done in this area over the last 30 or so years and all reinforce the great benefits of early childhood music and movement education both in musical development as well as all other subject areas.

‘Music Matters’ was developed with that goal in mind, providing age-appropriate musical activities to develop children to their maximum potential and prepare them confidently for future learning musically, scholastically and socially.

Here's an interesting link from listing 8 benefits of music

From Cheryl:

Music education for the young child is my passion and as an experienced teacher of early childhood music for 15 years, as well as a long career of piano teaching, I have always seen positive, life-transforming results through regular, positive, child-centred music activities.


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