Our Three Teachers

We don't have just one qualified teacher....we have THREE!!

And not only do we have three fantastic teachers, they each bring different skills and experience to our child care centre. In this blog we give you a bit more background on our teachers and also our overall philosophy for selecting and maintaining staff.

'Miss Kelly' is the teacher for our Kindergarten room. Therefore, her main role is to get your children ready for school in a fun, caring and safe environment. Kelly has over 16 years experience in kindergarten and early years education with two highly regarded organisations, C&K and Toowoomba's Catholic Education.

Kelly is passionate about play-based learning in Early Childhood, as well as developing children's social learning. That is; getting along with others, following rules and routines, building independence and resilience, and conflict resolution. These are crucial skills for school and, of course, they are important life skills that are learned at this formative age.

'Miss Crystal' has developed a broad mix of experience over her 17 years in early childhood education. In addition to working in both the State and Catholic school systems, she also has extensive child care experience as both a Kindergarten Teacher and a Centre Manager. She has one of the most important jobs in our centre as both Educational Leader and 2IC.

As Educational Leader, Crystal is responsible for all the education programs throughout the centre. She oversees the programming content and method and provides regular training and support to the other educators. Crystal’s aim is to inspire, motivate, affirm and also challenge or extend the practice and teaching skills of the educators at Highfields Gardens Child Care Centre.

'Miss Sam' brings youthful enthusiasm to our centre having completed her Bachelor of Education in December 2016. She is the Teacher of our Senior Kindy room for 3-4 year olds. Miss Sam is a bright, bubbly teacher who focuses on the children’s abilities, strengths and developmental needs. She creates experiences that instils a love of Exploration, Investigation and Learning.​

Since the start of the year Sam has done a fantastic job of setting up the room, getting the children settled and starting the learning process. We look forward to following her progression over the years, especially under the expert watch of Crystal and Kelly.

Our staff are our most important asset. As well as continuing and expanding the education process started at home, our educators are responsible for the safety and well being of your children. This is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. The centre's owners and managers have children too, and we understand the huge faith and trust you put in us when leaving your young children in our care.

So, if it's the people that are so important, wouldn't it make sense to invest in attracting, training and maintaining the best team possible? We think so. That's one of the reasons we have three teachers. Most, if not all, of our other educators have extensive experience in child care as well.

This doesn't come cheap. Staffing is the largest cost of a childcare centre, which is why many centres, especially the large corporate ones, are always trying to reduce staff costs. This generally means younger and less experienced staff as they are cheaper. It also means moving children around and having the minimum coverage possible at all times, which leads to unhappy staff and therefore, higher turnover.

Our approach is to do the opposite, we would rather pay more and get the best*. We also try to provide a great work environment so that our staff are happy and therefore less inclined to look for work elsewhere. The children are more settled and happy as there is consistency in who is looking after them each day. We hope you appreciate this approach, it's what we would want for our children.

* Childcare is dominated by regulations and a big part of that is the qualification requirements for staff. This is obviously done for a reason as you want educators with appropriate skills looking after your children. However, hopefully it's not that controversial a statement to say that having better qualifications does not necessarily make a better child care worker. Often a more experienced person with a lesser qualification has a better temperament with young children, or the experience to deal with the various issues that are common such as behaviour management or biting.

We are conscious of this and do our best to select and retain the staff we believe will have a positive and lasting influence on your children.

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